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what is widescreen software widescreen vs. 4:3 screen I ve been using windows xp (both 32 and 64 bit) for a long time, but only for surfing the web, music, games. I now have a widescreen monitor (24", and I like to use it with the windows Xp 32 bit as screen resolution. I heard of widescreen monitors, they are a bigger display (the monitor is still widescreen, it is a different screen). Can I use a widescreen monitor (24") with Xp 32 bit? I can't upgrade as my parents would throw a fit. I use a widescreen laptop, but my desktop monitor is 4:3. It appears that the widescreen laptop's screen resolution is better for the widescreen monitor. What do you think? Also, what is a good brand of widescreen monitor? I'm currently using samsung. If your parents are not going to permit an OS upgrade, why not just leave them the Windows 7 beta. Windows 8 isn't ready yet, and you might be better off if they stay on Windows 7 because then you can upgrade to Windows 8 after the fact. anyways you should be able to resize the desktop and have it look decent Click to expand... heh, that would be pretty impossible to achieve as I'm getting a different view to my widescreen monitor. I'm sure they would throw a fit if I switched to windows 7. If there is anything I can do before I get a windows 8 upgrade, I would like to do that. How do you resize the desktop so it fits my widescreen monitor's size? Yes, you can have them install Win 7 and use that instead, it won't fix their problem, but you can save your XP install, and they can decide later which OS they prefer. Plus if they really don't like it, you can dual-boot XP with Win 7. This should work fine, I don't think a lot of software has issues with resolutions, and for most software, if you change the resolution you can resize the desktop to make it fit the new resolution. You just have to resize the desktop before you log in, then it will be



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Data Rescue Professional With Serial Key [Portable]

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