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A balm for skin affected with fungi/eczema; STEP 1 in treating nail - MAZOR 50ml

A balm for skin affected with fungi/ eczema; STEP 1 in treating nail fungus


General Description: A mixture of palm oil with aromatic oils active against fungi which grow on humid skin surfaces (between fingers or toes, groin, inside the vagina, on nipples while breastfeeding, on babies’ buttocks etc.). It is also part of the treatment for psoriasis.



  • Kills a wide range of fungi
  • Stimulates skin regeneration
  • Helps also for relieving various eczema cases



  • Skin fungi (athlete's foot, jock itch): Apply the ointment onto the affected area. In the case of fungi between fingers or toes, treat also adjacent fingers or toes. Repeat the treatment twice a day for a week, then once a day for two weeks. Do not use afterwards for two weeks; if fungi persist, resume treatment (in persistent cases, it is possible to resort to treatment with the ALMOGAN Single Pimple Treatment Oil, in persistent cases).
  • Psoriasis: Apply 3 times per day on affected body parts (except on scalp), following the absorption of JOSHUA'S OIL (MEDBAR) Psoriasis Treatment Oil. Drink the NIKUZIT Detox Infusion in conjunction with the treatment.


Limitations: None. For babies, apply only small quantities, only once a day and for one week only. In case of rashes and irritations in a baby's anal area, apply the REGALIM Tissue Regenerating Balm.


Comments: In treating fungi in feet, it is recommended to treat the shoes, too, by spraying them daily with the TAHAR Air & Surface Disinfecting Spray during the treatment.


Suggested Ingredients: Essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, camphor, Ylang ylang, thyme, Origanum dayi, basil, myrtle and wintergreen.

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