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Anti-Inflammation Oil - NOAM (NIMIT), 50ml

Anti-Inflammation Oil


General Description: A blend of plant extracts and essential oils in olive oil: For treating acne on large areas (may include back, arms); for treating tendonitis or muscle inflammations; for treating nipple inflammations of breast-feeding mothers.


Usage for widespread acne: Apply thin layer to absorption, on the face, each evening before sleep, for a week. Repeat twice weekly for another two weeks. For muscle or tendon inflammations: Massage the affected area to complete absorption. Repeat the treatment every 3 hours during the first days, then three times a day for a week.


Limitations: For children under 2 years old, the product should not be used in a prolonged way. In case of breast feeding, apply after the feeding. Stop usage if the baby is sensitive to the material (loss of appetite, vomiting, reddening).


Comments: For acute acne, as well as for tendonitis, it is recommended to combine the treatment with consumption of the Detox Infusion. When treating nipples inflammation, the product might cause slight diarrhea in the baby, because it reduces temporarily the natural bacteria content of the intestines. This does not have severe implications as long as the treatment is limited to one-two weeks.


Suggested Active Ingredients: A blend of extracts in olive oil of Geranium, Myrtle and Garlic, along with essential oils of Oregano, Thyme (Biblical Hyssop species), Myrtle (described already in the Bible- helps balance sebum secretions), Etrog peels, Clove bud, Cinnamon bark, Citrus leaves and Ylang ylang.

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