FarmaVita Life Decolor, 150ml

FarmaVita Life Decolor Professional Soft Bleaching Cream, 150ml


It does not destroy the structure of the hair and the integrity of capillary fibers. Bleaching cream contains much less ammonia than other lightening agents. A revolutionary formula that contains a new generation of whitening components as well as emollients provides gentle and intense lightening. Using with FarmaVita 3,6,9,12% Life Cream Developer.


Method of application: Mix Decolor cream and cream developer in ratio 1:2. When lightening the root zone of the hair, is needed to select an oxidizer - 1.5%, 3%, 6% maximum. Apply evenly to hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Soak on the hair until the desired lightening is obtained. Rinse thoroughly and wash with gentle shampoo. Dry and style hair. Do not exceed recommended holding time.


To brighten to 3 tones: 6% for 20 minutes

4 tones: 9% for 25 min

for 5 and more: 12% for 35 min

Bleaching Cream
Tube 150g

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