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FUENTE «MENTA». Herbal shampoo 250ml

FUENTE «MENTA». Herbal shampoo


Herbal shampoo for problematic scalp. 

  • Contains natural herbs, including peppermint and chamomile.
  • Approximately for dandruff, dry, as well as oily and irritated scalp.
  • The scalp restores its natural balance.
  • Prevents hair loss and provides its natural volume.
  • Improves scalp condition in psoriasis.


pH level: 5,0.


Ingredients: Horsetail, mother and stepmother, comfrey, witch hazel, lichen, aloe vera, peppermint.


  • Field Horsetail - Reduces sebum production
  • Coltsfoot - Anti-dandruff.
  • Comfrey - Soothing effect for the scalp.
  • Lichen - Strengthening the hair papilla (against hair loss).
  • Witch hazel - Disinfectant effect.



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