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HD - Life Style Extra Strong Gel - Spray, 220ml

Spray - extra strong hold gel, 220ml - Extra strong gel - spray, HD Life Style Farmavita

Ideal for creating and modeling hairstyles, dries quickly, without the effect of oily hair. Fixing polymers create a thin wrapper around the hair, protecting hair during drying and prevented from moisture. Tool creates a long-lasting hold and gives the hair volume. Easily and without residue combed.



Extra strong hold
Fast-dry formula
Humidity control
Shiny finish
Not sticky
Vegan formula


How to use:

Apply gel spray to damp or dry hair and model hairstyle. For a stronger volume - lift each strand of hair and apply a spray-gel under lock damp roots. Model the hair.



Fixative polymers act as binding, fixing agents for shaping the hair longer expecially in
high humidity. These special polymers are not sticky.


This product has a quality certificate.

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